How do roller shutters work?
2 Jun

How do roller shutters work?

Roller shutters are the system of interconnected slats that are generally made by aluminium with isolation in the between. The main purpose is to offer enhanced security for premises by blocking any attempting a break in of intruders. Our aluminium roller shutters can be the protection of windows from sun light and even the heat of bush fires. When closing, the slats of roller shutter slide through the tracks on either side and once rolled down fully they fit snugly against the floor. When opening, the slats coil into a box that is on the wall of the building.

Cheek plate

The roller holding the curtain in situ is supported by 2 supporting cheek plates (also called finish plates). These cheek plates square measure secured to the building structure victimization adequate fixings to require the complete load of the shutter.

Flag post

The cheek plate is either welded to a angle or on to the highest of the guide giving the planning of a flag post. The angle of the flag post secured to the building structure to grant additional support and aid the installation of the shutter.

Roller assembly

The shutter curtain is command in situ by a full dimension roller, that is supported at every finish by the cheek plates. The roller contains of a steel tube with a hollow motor fitted at one finish and a shaft at the alternative finish.

Tubular Motor

A hollow motor is fitted into the shutter’s overhead barrel assembly. sticking out from the barrel is that the motor head which includes a manual override eye (when a manual override facility is included), the electrical wire feed, and a try of limit switches to manage the most travel distance of the shutter curtain. The motor is fitted with Associate in operational brake to carry the shutter stationary once it’s in its higher position.

Safety Brake

This centrifugal brake arrests the descent of the shutter if there’s a failure within the motor. If the motor’s operational brake fails to carry the shutter stationary once it’s in its higher position, or the shutter descends at Associate in uncontrolled speed, the protection brake can activate and convey the shutter to a whole halt. Some units even have a micro-switch that may disconnect the motor from the electrical provide. The brake, once activated, ought to be reset or in some cases, replaced. Associate in fully fledged shutter engineer should perform resetting or replacement.

U- Cup or Bearing

When a security brake isn’t fitted, a U-Cup or Bearing is fitted to the cheek plate to support the barrel.


The curtain runs up and down through 2 aspect guides. These square measure ‘u’ form in style.


The material that shuts off the realm between the guides. This is often typically fabricated from steel or metallic element slat that interlock along. Tube and Link grilles square measure command along by horizontally-positioned rods.

Bottom Rail

The final bottom section of the curtain and is usually ‘T’ formed or ‘L’ formed to grant extra rigidity.

Canopy cowl

Also called the hood. The fitting of this is often typically no mandatory. It is fabricated from galvanized steel and is equipped rolled-up to wrap round the cheek plates protective the curtain and barrel from the rain and dirt. It’s conjointly a security demand once the roller mechanism or motor is below 2500mm high.

Aluminium roller shutters produced in Melbourne may be anodized with a silver trying end or powder coated with a large selection of colors offered.

Steel product square measure furnished pre-treated galvanized curtains and aspect guides which might be powder coated.


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