Plantation Shutters in Melbourne


Plantation Shutters are an alternative to fabric blinds, and can look fantastic in both modern and classically styled homes. Made from timber, they are mounted on a solid frame and can be conveniently opened or closed depending on the weather. Perfect for warmer climates in particular, they are a great way to control sunlight, whilst still allowing plenty of airflow. Our Plantation Shutter collection has been carefully crafted and designed to ensure you get the perfect shutter for your home. If you are seeking for a solution to minimize the quality risk of plantation shutters and maximize the production efficiency of plantation shutters, please feel free to communicate with us at any time.

Our plantation shutters feature:

A range of styles for different window shapes and sizes

Timber, craftwood and waterproof options to suit all budgets

Natural wood tones and painted finishes

Help prevent heat loss by 62%

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