We Offer Diverse Security Screen Doors

At Smart Shutters, we offer diverse products of security screen doors such as stunning hinged doors with glass and without glass, safety and security doors, window grilles, security mesh doors etc. with a touch of styles and colours. These photos below are our security screen doors we have already supplied and installed to our client. We also supply security screen doors and window grilles for you to do – it – yourself.

security - screen - doors - stunning-hinges-doors-with-glass-insert
security - screen - doors- double-diamond-doors

What is security screen doors and window grilles?

Definition of security screen doors

According to National Security Screen Association and our experience, security screen doors and window grilles include mesh (one-way vision, or fly-screens, or perforated, or X-Gard, or stainless steel mesh) and grilles in order to keep the insects out, allow the fresh air coming in the house, and to “withstand most attempts at forced entry”.

We have the ability to manufacture custom security doors and window grilles

Custom security grilles can be matched with the doors in order to double their effectiveness. This can be done because Smart Shutters has the ability to manufacture custom security grilles for the protection of small windows from burglars.

security - screen - doors
A Collection of Security Screen Doors

The Characteristics of Our Security Screen Doors





Durable = strength + corrosion resistance

100% Recyclable

Allow the circulation of air in hot weather;

Keep the insects out;

Protect the small windows from burglars;

Resit most attempts at forced entry.

  • Security Mesh Doors [X-Gard, Perforated, and SSS mesh]

    eg. Stainless Steel Door

  • Diamond Grilles Doors [Single & Double Doors]


    eg. Double Diamond Door

  • Stunning Door with Glass Insert

    Stunning Door with Glass Insert [SP Glass]


    eg. Stunning Panels with Glass Insert By Colonial Casting

  • Stunning Doors without Glass [SP]


    eg. Stunning Panels without Glass By Colonial Casting

  • Safety & Attractive Appearance Doors [Perforated Mesh]


    eg. Safety & Security Panel By Colonial Casting

primrose-colour Primrose
merino-colour Merino
apo-grey-color APO Grey
woodland-grey Woodland Grey
black-colour Black
white-colour White
timber-colour Timber
jasper-colour Jasper
Clear Anod

Types of mechanism of Security Screen Doors

Side-light of Hinged Door
Single Hinged Door
Double Hinged Doors
Single Sliding Door
Double Sliding Door
Stacker Sliding Doors

More Information of Security Screen Doors

How to Install

Assembly Diagram

Security door parts

Cleaning Instruction

This section is under construction. Thank you for being patient with us.

To sum up...

The key is what your specific needs are, Smart Shutters seeks to fill them.

Smart Shutters not just specialises in some of the best Western European innovations as regards shutters and aluminium roller shutters technology, but you can also find some of the best security screen doors, window grilles, and screen doors in the catalogue -from single Diamond-type security doors to most modern innovations.

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