Window roller shutters introduction
2 Jun

Window roller shutters introduction

The windows are one of the most important and fundamental elements of any room. So window roller shutters are the most practical way to secure residential and commercial buildings. In addition, a window roller shutter can be installed on any existing window or door. More and more homeowners are discovering the benefits a window roller shutter has to offer. Fully rolled down, a window roller shutter not only protects against natural disasters, but protects against burglars and intruders, lowers energy costs, reduces outside noise levels and gives greater privacy. Made from foam filled aluminum, the window roller shutter rides in tracks mounted on the side of the window. The shutter can be raised or lowered either manually, or electronically.
At Smart Shutters, we specialize in the manufacture, assembly and installation of all types of window security roller shutters, grilles and security doors. Our extensive range of window roller shutters includes commercial window roller shutters and domestic window roller shutters. Our dedicated team is based in Melbourne, and has been for over 17 years. Committed to offering our customers the best and most appropriate solutions, we are the first call for many high profile clients across Melbourne Victoria.
Advantages of window security roller shutters:
• Protection against vandalism and burglary
• Protection looks from the outside
• Noise Insulation
• Thermal Insulation
• Protection against low temperatures
• Protection against high temperatures
• Ventilation

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