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Smart Shutters not just specializes in some of the best Western European innovations as regards shutters and aluminium roller shutters technology, but you can also find some of the best aluminium security shutters, security doors and roller shutters in the catalog -from single Diamond-type security doors to most modern innovations. Furthermore, custom security grilles can be matched with the doors in order to double their effectiveness. This can be done because Smart Shutters has the ability to manufacture custom security grilles for the protection of small windows from burglars. Think of the grille on the window in the bathroom, and you’ll get an idea the usefulness such an innovation has. You can get either a single or a double-Diamond steel mesh. The key is what your specific needs are. Smart Shutters seeks to fill them.

We do have tested some of products from China there are some good products and we make sure they are up to above standard before we can use them. We know that cost of roller shutters has to be reasonable and we have the right knowledge the good and innovated ones compare to the cheap and quick selling aluminium security shutters in the market with competitive roller shutters prices.

People are unpredictable, and not all construction parameters end up meeting the actual needs of real people in real situations. That’s why customization really is key when it comes to things like outdoor roller shutters and doors. Sometimes, the conventional mass-produced options simply will not cut the mustard. You’ve got to have options that will be able to keep you safe and secure with outdoor roller shutter and aluminium roller shutter. Furthermore, with Smart Shutters’ doors and shutters, you can control not only the security of your living environment but its comfortableness as well. When you can help in the design of your customized doors, then you can have those which facilitate air circulation, or those which deliberately restrict it. You can even customize a hybrid between the two. If you close it and lock the grille, but if you open the door and/or slide back the grille, now the air can get in.


We have the ability to manufacture custom security grilles to protect small windows from burglars, such as those in toilets, laundries and bathrooms with either single, double Diamond or steel mesh to suit your needs.

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